Which is Better: Metal or Wood Shed?

Wood and metal are the most used materials when building sheds. Chances are if you’re building your shed for the first time, you’ll choose from these two materials. However, deciding which one to choose can be challenging since they both offer lots of benefits.

The traditional choice is wood because of its organic, elegant, and beautiful. But, most homeowners still prefer wood because it has been widely used in construction for centuries. Metal doesn’t have much written history compared to wood, therefore some people opt for wood.

However, before you rule out metal, let us look into the logical difference between a metal and a wooden shed.

Metal vs Wooden Shed

Before choosing a building material, you should consider the pros and cons of each one. Here is a brief summary of the comparison between the two materials. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will be able to choose which one works best for you!


Most people would think that metal sheds are more expensive. However, wooden sheds can be twice the price of metal sheds depending on the scale of your project. Another element to consider when it comes to costs is the site prep work before constructing your shed.

Wooden sheds may require a formal foundation poured for an additional cost. While you can do the same for metal, it is not really necessary. Less prep work means you’ll finish the project sooner and same money at the same time.

Being able to save on building costs is a huge selling point!


Sheds can easily be designed to suit your preferences. It is easier to work with metal, thus there are different types of designs available. There are also tons of colour options available with metal.

Wood also comes in different designs, however, it is harder and more time-consuming to create customised designs. Therefore, your choices may be limited if you’re going for wood.

If the design isn’t an issue for you, then you’ll be fine with wood. However, most homeowners prefer a customised design for their sheds to match their home’s exterior design.


Another factor to consider when choosing a material is the ease of maintenance.

Wooden sheds look timeless and beautiful, however, it requires ongoing maintenance. Maintaining an organic material is expensive and time-consuming. On the other hand, metal sheds require little maintenance. You just need to wash it from time to time to maintain its look.

Most homeowners tend to overlook maintenance requirements, but you’ll thank yourself later for considering this as early as now.


So, which is better? Based on our comparison, metal is a more suitable material for sheds. Aside from its cost and customisable design, it also requires little maintenance. Less maintenance will also help you save a few bucks!

Are you still unsure of which building material to choose? At Toowoomba Carports, we offer a variety of materials that will fit every budget and preference. Our experts can help you from planning up until the installation of your shed. If you need professional advice, our team is happy to give suggestions. We look forward to working with you!


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