Helpful Tips in Converting Your Carport into a Garage

Carports are very common because it is affordable and effective. Many homeowners convert their carports into a garage to provide more security and protection for their vehicles. In some instances, people want more storage. While the conversion is not as difficult as you think, you should plan everything first before starting your project.

We compiled some tips to help you in converting your carport into a garage!

Know the Local Building Codes

Before starting a major construction project, you need to find out if you’re allowed to. Most probably, your local community or homeowner’s association have some regulations regarding constructing garages. It’s best to contact the local community if you’re legally allowed to enclose your carport.

Once you find out that your local government allows it, you should also check with your homeowner’s association because some have strict rules. Disobeying the rules may lead to fines.

Establish Your Budget

Before you start your project, you should establish how much you’re willing to spend. Always be honest with yourself and be realistic in what you can afford and not. There are many ways to keep the cost down. You can ask for help from a certified contractor and explore your options.

Another useful tip is finding a resale shop that specialises in building materials. You can get your materials from these shops for a fraction of the original price.

Check Your Existing Structure

Inspect the condition of your carport. Check the support beams, foundation, and roof.

Ensure that the support beams are strong enough to support the accessories you will add and able to support the new walls. If you have a wooden carport, check the beams for termites or rots. Metal carports do not get infested by insects, but they can be out of the square. You can use a level to check if the support beams are leaning.

Your carport is exposed to harsh elements every day. It is possible to have holes in your roof. You should double-check your roof, the shingles and trusses.

It is vital to check the concrete slab underneath your carport for any cracks or anything that can cause a potential problem later on. If you notice sinking, the foundation could be unstable and this can affect the structure when the time comes.

Design and Plan Your New Garage

Designing your garage is the best part! Make a list of what you want to include and visualise how you want your garage to look. The key components of a garage are doors, windows, and exterior design.


As you can see, when you’re planning to build a garage from your existing carport, you need to consider a lot of factors such as researching your local building code and homeowner’s association regulations. To ensure that you’re on the right track, make sure to follow our tips.

If you need professional advice regarding your existing carport, our team at Toowoomba Carports is ready to help you! We specialise in building and installing high-quality carports. You can choose from a wide range of materials and styles.


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