Child-Friendly Patios: The Ultimate Guide

In reality, patios are the least child-friendly area outdoors, it gets slippery during the rainy season, which increases slipping and tripping accidents. An elevated porch can be dangerous to toddlers because they can slip through the gaps in the railings.

However, there are still simple ways to safeguard your patio and make it more child-friendly. By doing so, it gives the opportunity for your children to spend more time outdoors without worrying about their safety. This will also make your outdoor space more functional.

Here are simple and quick ways to transform your backyard into a child-friendly area:

Barricade Balcony

If you have a toddler, you need to safeguard the railing gaps to keep them from slipping through the gaps. You can add acrylic sheets or slabs of plexiglass on the railings.

Avoid using materials such as wire or netting because these are not stable and durable. It can easily get damaged because of extreme weather conditions or tampering. In short, it is not safe to use as a barricade for toddlers,

Add More Shade

Your outdoor space needs shade to protect you and your family from the harsh UV rays of the sun. Adding more shade will make your child spend more time outdoors even during the hot summer months.

To add shade, you can use insulated roof panels or retracted awning. These maintain a comfortable temperature on your patio and give you enough shade as well.

Non-Slip Surfaces

Children love playing and running around the yard. We can’t prevent accidents from happening but we can minimise the risk of severe injuries by softening your outdoor surfaces.

Non-slip and non-skid materials are recommended for slippery surfaces such as pavers, patios, and walkways. Using play mats or rubber flooring will also help in reducing accidents because it provides a good grip.

Have a Designated Play Area

Having a designated play area for your children will keep them away from hazardous or dangerous areas. For instance, you can add a sandbox, slide, swing, or cubby house. This additional outdoor feature will keep your children entertained to prevent accidents or troubles.

Grow Safe Plants

If you have children and you’re growing outdoor plants, you need to be extra careful. Avoid growing dangerous plants because little kids can get seriously ill or injured if unsupervised.

Prickly plants such as cacti, roses, and succulents should also be avoided. Some poisonous plants include daphnes, angel’s trumpet, and golden dewdrop.


There are many ways to make your patio safe for your children. Although, we understand that it can be challenging to balance the design you want and having a child-friendly outdoor space. With the help of patio designers and builders, you can get the style you want while keeping it child-friendly.

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